Swim Report (Maxwell Randles)

Following some unusually warm weather, a non-wetsuit swim looked very likely, however, by race morning the lake had cooled enough to allow competitors to don our neoprene flotation suits… I mean wetsuits – the relief was palpable!!! The rol...

12 Aug 2020

Saturday 1st August I competed in my first TT event, assured by Gemma that they are ‘great fun’, I am not sure I was thinking that at the time however on reflection it was a pretty great event. The event was hosted by Orwell Velo on a 20 mile course. Whilst I am under...

18 Apr 2020

Now we have done 4 weeks of lockdown I thought I could look back and see how training has been impacted (or not).

One of the biggest positives has been having more flexibility in my day - normally I have a long commute so fitting training in often means 5am alarms and l...

18 Mar 2020

With the majority of Europe in lock-down and races being wiped off the calendar like falling dominoes, you might be wondering whether you should stop training altogether and wait for the pandemic to be over. It’s both frustrating and incredibly disappointing to see you...

13 Feb 2020

Day 13 - Thursday

Another early start for the famous Underpants run. What a weird experience! A proper head fuck if I am honest. I am pretty body conscious at the best of times and this

wasn’t helping. I just had to put it to the back of my mind and try to enjoy it. It...

12 Feb 2020

Day 9 - Sunday

Up early again for the practice swim on the race course. We were there in plenty of time but somehow still managed to be on the pier with 200 other people some 300m from the start line when the gun went for GO!

Oh well, it’s only a training day. Once I had...

11 Feb 2020

Day 5 - Wednesday

I had a big training day planned for today and was going to ride the whole course with a

 lunch stop in Hawi and a 90 min run. Leanne was going to drive out the same route and meet me up there. Having put my sensible head on I decided that this was goin...

10 Feb 2020

As part of our ATHLETE TAKE OVER I thought I would share my experience of racing at Kona, a decade old dream of mine that came true in 2019. It's mainly pretty pictures and a little bit of triathlon! I will post another four days worth every week day this week.

Day 1 


11 Dec 2019

As triathletes we are fairly comfortable with running. As a long distance aerobic monster that does Ironman type triathlons we can be rightly confident that a marathon won’t pose us many issues. Afterall, its just what we do for the cool down after a day out on the bik...

24 Oct 2019

Taking a break is really hard.  You’ve just finished an epic season of racing, you’ve watched or competed at Kona and you’re feeling pumped, inspired and motivated to smash winter training and be the best athlete you can possibly be for next season.

What is important to...

17 Oct 2019

It seems ridiculous, doesn’t it.  That to improve your race times, you actually need to be training more slowly. Here at Podium Addict, we schedule lots of low heart rate, low power sessions for our athletes and we are always asked why, and often these sessions are com...

16 Oct 2019

So I appreciate it has been a little while since I have written anything to put here. I think its now about 4 weeks. Training wise not much has happened as we’ve had a lot of family stuff going on and I spent two weeks at the Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House i...

9 Oct 2019

The Swim shortened for reasons stated to be due to the weather conditions. However there was some debate about the reality and the need to have a shorter course. The swim became 950m buoy to buoy, not counting current. I seeded myself at the 30 min mark well in advance...

26 Aug 2019

So another week done and it was a bit of a mis mash, meh week. 

I started back at work going out on the streets on Monday for the first time since before I damaged my shoulder and it was a long day, an early start and a late finish, so come Tuesday when I finished work...

17 Aug 2019

So here we are, the end of another week of training, a Green week on Training Peaks and my first ever Park Run. 

Green week of Training 

I have never been the biggest fan of running, my preferred parts of the Triathlon was Cycling, Swimming and Running. Every now and the...

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