We are Podium Addicts

Coach Chris

Kona 2019, Ironman Coach

I’m a self-coached athlete competing at the age-group podium level over IRONMAN and 70.3 distances. After achieving mid-pack finishing times over 2016-17, I increased my focus on the sport and managed to self-coach my way to the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona in 2019, where I finished in under 10-hours.


Having done this alongside a full-time job I can understand the time demands that it takes to compete over long distances, while keeping some friends!

I’m relatively new to coaching but I seriously enjoy being part of other athletes’ journeys, so my philosophy is that the process is about you. You know your goals and body far better than I do but working with a coach can help greatly in navigating the minefield of nutrition advice and training principles that exist.


I honestly feel that everyone can gain something by being part of this sport, you just need to start!


Coach Sam

Kona 2019, GBR Age Group

Ironman Coach

I've been coaching people informally for a number of years. Triathlon and helping people are my passions. Over the years I’ve been on the receiving end of both good and very bad coaching, not just in the world of tri, so it was about time I made it official


I'm still pushing my own limits in order to find ways to develop our athletes, I am a firm believer of not asking someone to do a session I wouldn't or couldn't do myself!


I realise that not everyone can dedicate their life to training and my coaching philosophy reflects that, there is after all, more to life than training and triathlon.

I've ticked a lot of boxes along the way to here. I've qualified and raced at KONA! Represented GB at World and European level, raced over 10 Ironmans (including a sub 10hr and the biggest long course race on the planet), countless 70.3's, joined the Brotherhood of Ventoux, cycled non-stop from Glasgow to Land's End and raced 24hr enduro mountain bike events.

I do the odd bit of sailing where my swim training occasionally comes in useful and used to help run a charity for Injured Servicemen, some of whom have gone onto complete an Ironman.