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Q. Why should you choose us?

First off, there are two of us (Sam and Chris). This doesn’t really effect you in day to day training but behind the scenes you can be sure that we are checking each other’s athletes because two heads are better than one. Both of us are highly experienced athletes and treat triathlon, coaching in particular as a passion. We realise that sometimes life gets in the way and every now and then, people need to do something different to the grind. There is more to life than triathlon so we will endeavour to fit your training around you and your commitments. 

Q. How do you send me my sessions?

We operate using Training Peaks and once we have assessed your current fitness, we will put together a personalised plan for you which will undoubtedly get tweaked each week to ensure that you are getting the required sessions at the right time. If you haven’t used Training Peaks before it’s a great tool. We set a session out, it emails you the night before, you do the session and your Sports Watch will auto upload for us to analyse (you need to set this up once). There is also a handy app. A basic account is free and we set this up with your membership.

Q. Do I need a Heart Rate Monitor, Power Meter and GPS Watch?

We strongly recommend that you have a GPS tracking watch or device, heart rate monitors and power meters are preferred, but they are not essential - we appreciate they can be expensive! We will tailor your training to your equipment.

Q. What if I miss a session?

We know that sometimes life just gets in the way of training, let us know if you can't make a session and we'll adapt your training plan. Please don't try and catch-up on missed sessions, you'll end up exhausted and that's not the idea!

Q. How do we stay in touch?

We expect quite a high degree of communication both ways. It doesn’t matter to us what platform you use to tell us how the session went, how you are feeling etc so long as it’s a two way flow. We like whatsapp because it’s instant and easy, but if you want to use carrier pigeon then that’s ok too! We will chase you if we don’t have that feedback loop - some of our athletes wonder if we ever sleep! 

Q. Why do you only upload my training week by week?

Your training plan adapts with you and how your body reacts to the training stress. We constantly monitor your progress and watch for signs of overtraining and tiredness - both of which are detrimental and need to be avoided! Not only that, but your goals might change through the season, you may want to set them higher!

Q. Can I still go out with my cycle/running/swimming club?

Absolutely! If you would like to keep some sessions then let us know and we will do our best to factor them in.  Sometimes however, we might ask you to skip a session to keep you in peak condition eg in the week before your A race!

Q. What level of person do you coach?

We have a broad spectrum of athletes from newbies doing their first triathlon to very experienced Age Groupers competing in the World and European Championships, both types can learn from each other and we encourage group questions.

Q. Do I have to be fast to wear your kit at races?

No not at all! We are a TEAM of all abilities and being part of a team is something to be cherished, wear your kit with pride!

Q. How much does it cost?

Ok, so we don’t believe in providing packages of varying cost for different amounts of service. You basically get everything and we will throw our heart and soul into getting you to the finish line in great shape. Other coaches say ‘unlimited contact’, we just say that’s standard! For athletes that join us in 2021 we charge £97 per month but you can enjoy a nice discount if you are a member of the armed forces, police, fire or NHS.  Hopefully you will enjoy the experience so much you get the triathlon bug and want to go further with us. 


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