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Strength and Conditioning

Here at Podium Addict we have our very own S&C coach to build a strong core which is important for racing and a well balanced body.

Meet Nat. 


Natalie has been working in the fitness industry for over 5 years. Prior to this Natalie was a Helicopter Pilot in the Royal Navy. She has worked as a Personal Coach and Trainer to clients in London and is now based in the South West. She also coaches CrossFit and runs her own Indoor Performance Cycling studio.

Natalie has developed a unique understanding of the types of Strength and Conditioning programme that work. Not only that but that are time efficient and maximise a persons ability to see results within their Endurance disciplines.


Natalie completed her first Ironman in 2022, and puts her ability to train hard for this as well as completing it down in part to her solid background in CrossFit and Strength Training - the other part was obviously the great coaches at Podium Addict!


It doesn’t matter what type of events you participate in, if you are not maximising your off season with structured Strength and Conditioning training you are massively missing out.

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