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Training in Lockdown

Now we have done 4 weeks of lockdown I thought I could look back and see how training has been impacted (or not).

One of the biggest positives has been having more flexibility in my day - normally I have a long commute so fitting training in often means 5am alarms and late finishes. Now I am working from home I’m really enjoying a slightly more leisurely start to the day or being able to fit some sessions in at lunch or in the early evenings!

Now there is much more time at home I’ve also been able to fit in a lot more strength/core/stretching. When life is really busy I sometimes find it hard to fit in but the last few weeks have been great! I’m really enjoying having the time to try some new yoga moves - headstand next!!

At Podium Addict we have also been lucky to have some group Zwift sessions. Even though they are some of the toughest sessions each week, it’s great knowing that we are all in it together!

I don’t want to dwell on the negatives but my only concern is that when I get in the pool again, my swimming might be more doggy paddle than super smooth freestyle (!) but will have to wait and see!

I’m also missing my cake rides!


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