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Race Season, The Zones (Comfort, Stretch and PANIC!)

It has been a little while since we last pushed a blog piece out. That isn’t because we have been lax, it’s because we are simply flat out! Race season is well and truly upon us now and our athletes seem to be racing every weekend at opposite ends of the country. We always try to attend races and support our athletes where we can but sometimes it is impossible! Add to that our own personal training, which often takes a back seat when it gets busy, and time soon slips away. So, this blog piece comes as much from me as an athlete going through the same trials and tribulations as anyone training for triathlon as it does from me as a coach trying to keep the wheels turning.

I was recently fortunate to spend a morning with one of Britain’s most successful Olympians of our era. Not only was he very engaging he also gave an insight into the dedication and mindset it takes to operate and compete at the highest level. I have always said that I would happily dedicate my life to professional level sport, any sport, so long as it was the top flight. The glossy front that we see is in stark contrast to the reality that this Olympian portrayed.