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Kona Diaries - Days 1 to 4

As part of our ATHLETE TAKE OVER I thought I would share my experience of racing at Kona, a decade old dream of mine that came true in 2019. It's mainly pretty pictures and a little bit of triathlon! I will post another four days worth every week day this week.

Day 1

It’s finally here, the day to go to Kona. Work and life have been a bit of struggle recently so I have had almost zero time to contemplate what a trip to Kona means to me or everyone around me. The work life balance hasn’t quite had the capacity to handle training for another Ironman following qualification in July. It’s sometimes been a choice between eating, sleeping, work or training. Not all of them have been possible on the same day! We also threw in a cheeky house move and a job change each between August and now.