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"50 Weeks until IM-UK" - Weekly Blog #2 - Athlete Feature

So here we are, week one done and 50 weeks until Ironman UK 2020….

I’m still struggling with my shoulder and have been signed off by the GP for another two weeks, so while speaking to Gemma, it has been a week on the turbo, my first weak on Zwift so I can get the legs spinning with no pressure on the shoulder. Running with a sling is a no no, probably because everyone is worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep my balance and I ended up stacking it and buggering up my shoulder even more, it seems that I have somehow got a reputation for being a bit accident prone. I’m not sure where that has come from? It was always Vick who was known as Bambi!

With it being week one, and given the set of up the TT bike, the ability to change gears with just the one hand, and the more options for positioning, I set rogue on the turbo and had my first venture into the world of Swift, and my what a sweaty bucket of fun that is! Using the sets given to me by Gemma on TrainingPeaks that is linked to my Swift account, Gemma can really control what she wants me to get out of the set.