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"So here we go again..." Weekly Blog #1 - Athlete Feature

So here we go again….

The last time I entered Ironman UK, I made it to the start line at Pennington Flash, and I had, by my standards a pretty decent first lap, but it all went wrong on the second. When my race day finished sitting in T1 with concussion after taking a foot to the head during the second lap of the swim my day was over, some 14 hours earlier than I expected it to be.

That was in 2016, about 12 months after my niece, Christina was born and diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Since then, despite the best of intentions, I’ve never made it to the start line of another Ironman or triathlon. I’ve entered them and deferred or withdrawn because I wasn’t pulling my finger out with the training, there was always an excuse, a cancelled rest day at work, a late off and getting home at 3am from work when I promised myself that I would be in the pool at 0630 when it opened. There was always something else going on.