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Cotswold Big Swim – 7th July 2018

So I’ve not stood on the start line of any races since Ironman UK back in 2016, where the swim ended with the world in a spin after getting a little concussion during the second lap that brought my Ironman attempt to an end some 15 hours earlier than expected.

After that, with a lot of loss of mojo, a whole world of things happening at work and life in general got in the way. Three months ago, I said thank you to Blair Davies, my previous coach, and joined Podium Addict, after a chat to Gemma, who I’ve known for a while as we were both coached by Blair, and during a chat it seemed like a new start, with a new coach and a new approach was what was needed if I was ever going to cross the finish line of an IM race.

So three months ago, I started working with Gemma and pretty quickly she suggested that I find a race, be it a swim, run or bike to start racing again, get some bling in, but more importantly to have something to train towards on the road to Ironman Wales 2019 (having deferred my entry from this year). I started searching google for some swims and found the Cotswold Big Swim, a choice of one or two miles open water swim at the beginning of July and there we had it, something to aim for and get the mojo back with the promise of a bit of bling.