16 Oct 2019

So I appreciate it has been a little while since I have written anything to put here. I think its now about 4 weeks. Training wise not much has happened as we’ve had a lot of family stuff going on and I spent two weeks at the Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House i...

26 Aug 2019

So another week done and it was a bit of a mis mash, meh week. 

I started back at work going out on the streets on Monday for the first time since before I damaged my shoulder and it was a long day, an early start and a late finish, so come Tuesday when I finished work...

17 Aug 2019

So here we are, the end of another week of training, a Green week on Training Peaks and my first ever Park Run. 

Green week of Training 

I have never been the biggest fan of running, my preferred parts of the Triathlon was Cycling, Swimming and Running. Every now and the...

13 Aug 2019

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” – Unknown

So another week on the bike, more Zwift, more miles in the legs and a FTP test yesterday before a Free Ride this morning. 

Today, is of course Ride London so my free ride on Zwift this morning was done around the streets o...

28 Jul 2019

So here we are, week one done and 50 weeks until Ironman UK 2020…. 

I’m still struggling with my shoulder and have been signed off by the GP for another two weeks, so while speaking to Gemma, it has been a week on the turbo, my first weak on Zwift so I can get the legs...

21 Jul 2019

So here we go again…. 

The last time I entered Ironman UK, I made it to the start line at Pennington Flash, and I had, by my standards a pretty decent first lap, but it all went wrong on the second. When my race day finished sitting in T1 with concussion after taking a...

16 Jul 2018

So I’ve not stood on the start line of any races since Ironman UK back in 2016, where the swim ended with the world in a spin after getting a little concussion during the second lap that brought my Ironman attempt to an end some 15 hours earlier than expected.

After tha...

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